Welcome to VKarlsen.NO.

On these pages you can find software and code I have written and published.

Most notably check out my software products:

  • ScreenKeys - a program to help during live software demonstrations.

... and my .NET open source libraries:

  • Mercurial.Net - a Mercurial wrapper library for .NET 3.5 and 4.0.
  • DiffLib - a collection diff generator, including text file diffs, for .NET 3.5 and 4.0.
  • Emitted.Net - a .NET reflection extension library for .NET.

Also check out:

Where to find me?

I can be found in the following locations:

Need Help?

I answer questions on Stack Overflow, but I also help, off-hours, for a nominal fee, with code, debugging, etc. I am a programmer, so I won't create software for you, but I have helped quite a few with their challenges. Contact me for information.